Wednesday, July 04, 2012

FWC Golden Set

Wanna own an FWC Golden Set?

There is an ongoing summer event in flyff ph and the reward is the first place FWC set won buy Invictus Guild of eFlyff in FWC last year. The mechanics of the event is here

The contest will run until April 11 6PM

So what are you waiting for? If you want to own one, then join the summer forum event.

Flyff Dragon Sets and 3rd place FWC Set

one of my loves is my long-time online game Flyff. i have been playing this addicting game for over six years now. what i like about it is the simplicity of it's user game interface, the graphics and fashions!

Flyff offers a wide variety of fashions to customize the characters. it has over 100 fashion sets, both female and male, that would be a real heaven for someone who simply loves fashion. i myself has over 50 fashion sets. believe me i lost count already! the latest addition to Flyff's numerous fashions is the Dragon Set. what sets this apart is that it has bonus effects when worn and paired with its corresponding cloak and mask. the mask is not yet out but the cloak is.

Flyff is now coming up with fashion sets that not only look good but has additional stats as well like the hipster glass. other fashion sets that has bonus set effects are the mizu yukata fashion set and the FWC sets that were given to the winners of the Flyff Workd Champions last year.

this is the dragon set and red hipster glass. i bought the almighty fashion set the has bonus effects customized for force master and ringmaster jobs

this is the 3rd place FWC set

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Flyff PH Summer Event 2012: Children's Week

Last April 4, Flyff PH launched a summer event called Children's week. It is a three-part quest and the good thing about this is that this is repeatable. A player may get the rare item which is a cute kitty buff pet.
The box may also contain premiums like scroll of sprint, remantis lacotte, scroll of resurrection etc.

The event mechanics can be read here

When i have the chance to go online I will try to do this quest so i can tell more about it.

Have you done this quest already? What items did you get?